Thoughts Create

Everywhere I turn, there are references to the power of thought, and the necessity of managing my vibration through my thoughts. Too much corroborating material for me to ignore. I know it to be true; now I must establish the habits of thought and a habit of practice to make these principles the center of my life. The first thing on my agenda this morning is to affirm for myself, and for Genny, “I/thou are whole, perfect, strong, harmonious, wealthy, and loving.”

I see clearly that it is an error to hold thoughts that Genny must “do this and thus” to be healthy and happy. It behooves me, if no one else to think thoughts of Genny’s perfection as she is. Holding thoughts of her need to change, of her “errors of being” has a negative effect on my well-being and my alignment with Truth, Source, Universal Mind. Besides, it certainly feels better to drop thoughts concerning “things that Genny should do differently.”

Small Delight, Small Problem Resolved

It delights me that installing the little file cabinet in my room has created a much better working space for me, which is something that I desired strongly over the past week. A few simple changes and voila! A touch of magic improved the space, improved my convenience, and eliminated the irritations of a space that didn’t work well. Love the magic.