Kicking the Tires of Saturday, August 15

I am old and do not wear my trousers rolled

Virtual Reality More Fun than “What Is”

Understood clearly the concept of “virtual reality.” Its’ purpose is shifting focus away from “what is” to more pleasant, fun and uplifting thoughts. Shifting thoughts shifts feelings, that in turn shift vibration.

A Virtual Moment with a Real Writer

It’s a sparkling April day in Rome. Women wear sleeveless dresses in apricot, turquoise, ivory and lemon yellow. The sun kisses with warmth from a vivid sky. I am having lunch with one of my favorite woman authors. We are sitting at an outdoor café with espressos and bottles of mineral water. The two of us are having a wonderful time. The author is as lighthearted and enjoyable as I imagined her to be I feel myself to be at my lighthearted and wise best. Our heads are bent over an absorbing conversation that engages us both and having a wonderful time. Of course, the books that we love sprinkle the conversation.