Kicking the Tires of Wednesday July 18

Getting it Done Today

Good day sunshine! Out early to prune the magenta oleander. Practicing mindfulness, I carried the big ladder out of its storage slot. When I set it up, it was solid, in spite of the ground of eight percent. I made headway pruning the upper growth until I encountered a squadron of wasps. Quickly I ceased my efforts, and retired the field. Until I acquire a wasp trap, I am postponing that project until I feel safer.


I experienced a wallapalooza of an epiphany, concerning my mistaken belief about my dependency on my parents. It was an epiphany that felt wonderful and soothing and relaxing. I am hanging on to that epiphany. During the dawn hours, I decided that I loved to stay in bed because it was the place where I felt free all of a piece and free of conflicting energies. In bed I don’t juggle goals with my desires to please and have people like. I want to live my waking hours with the same comfort and self-possession that I feel in bed. I can focus upon staying connected with source, then lay my intentions lightly upon the day. For my sanity and for the sake of my late-in-life goals, I have to turn my life over to my manager. You: know, that manager: the one related to the fairies of the universe, the brownies, and the pixies.

Thought of the Day:

There are only two things that on my daily to do list: align my energy with source and don’t split my energy with conflicting thoughts. Simply choose to have it all, then turn it over to my manager.