Kicking the Tires of Tuesday, July 17

career is your key to happiness and satisfaction

First Published Post for How to Change Your Career

Climbing back on my perch! Finished my first business post for How to Change Your Career. It was a great post in terms of the SEO rules, but it didn’t provide value to the reader. I will serve some purpose and when other posts are added. it may prove useful.

Useful Career Information

Today’s post is going to move immediately into providing useful information that people can use. My desire is to move directly into information without worrying about providing background information. My day is going to be mapped out between relationships, gardening and productive work on my business. The wonderful thing is that I can spend five hours of work immediately. Up from bed and to work. However, that doesn’t work as well as getting up and getting myself and my working environment in shape.

Career is Key to Satisfaction and Happiness