Change your title, change your focus

Hocus, Pocus, FOCUS, Dominocus!

Focus being the key word.  Assignment Two asked us to revisit the title and the tagline of our blogs and ask ourselves if the combination reflected the subject of our blog, and our personality. The title and tagline of my blog certainly felt loosey-goosey to me.  It lacked focus. It lacked a core. It lacked an axel around which the wheel could turn.


Photo of a tire
Roadworthy at 65 mph

“Kicking Days” popped up with an image of “kicking the tires” to see if a car was roadworthy. Further research turned up the information that “kicking the tires” is a financial investor’s term for researching a company to see if it was investment worthy. Even more research turned up the Latin phrase “E tira kikium” that loosely translates to “a kick for luck.”

Voila, a one word change to the blog title, plus a change to the tagline has refocused my blog to a task to which I look forward. (HA no prepositions at the end of that sentence)