Blogging 101 – Who am I and Why Am I Here

At the end of the first quarter of 2015, I dropped myself into depression, despondency, despair, disillusion, desperation, doom, gloom and financial disarray. On a Friday morning, I walked out the front door with my purse and my car keys, leaving behind my home and ninety-nine percent of my possessions.  I also had a cat carrier, fifteen cans of cat food, a water bowl, and a small litter pan.  A cat was inside the carrier; Sassy Pants a tortie queen. She is my cat.  I did not kidnap, steal, or otherwise extract her from a neighbor.

Now I and the cat, are living with my sister in a new town 68 miles from the town in which I lived for 19 years.  Once a week, I attend two group therapy sessions.  I scheduled these back to back, because it is more convenient to drive a thirty-six mile round trip once a week instead of twice a week.  I look forward to the end of August, when both sessions wrap up.

For now, days are divided between a little housekeeping, a little garden maintenance, naps, short trips around town. Once upon a time, I owned a little Canon Sure Shot and I never took pictures.  That camera was left behind.  All I have is the camera in my Windows Smart Phone, but I find real pleasure in taking five or six pictures every day during my morning walk.  The pictures are all of small things: little flowers, a cobweb, five wild blackberries.

When I saw the announcement of this blogging course, I thought it would be fun to resume blogging by posting about small pleasures.


4 thoughts on “Blogging 101 – Who am I and Why Am I Here

  1. You and I could be related! I feel like I have the same story. I drove away from a beautiful house, a hometown full of friends, and everything that I thought was so important to own. I took a couch and chair from the basement and my bed. Oh, and I took the photos of my kids. Small pleasures grow into real joy. Hang in there.


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