Dear Audience

Blogging 101 #4: Writing to your audience

Photo of purple flowers growing by the road side
Living leaf by leaf, petal by petal

I am part of a group title “Life Change” sponsored by the psychiatric division of a health provider specializing in providing Part B coverage for the Medicare crowd. This group is composed of men and women who are less than enchanted with the results of living beyond the bloom of youth.

Ninety days was the span allotted to this group; the end is nigh. Soon we will disperse to the borders of the county. Changes are we will never see each other again because the patterns of our lives are so different. Nevertheless, there is so much common ground.

  1. Arriving at the gates of 65, we still have more questions than answers.
  2. We have not congealed into amorphous blobs label senior citizens, but remain individuals with eccentricities, habits both good and bad, likes, lust and dislikes.
  3. In spite of, or maybe because of the diminishments gifted by aging, we each need to make a choice each and every day: to engage with life to the fullest extent of our capabilities, or to disengage and let the moments of the day simply slide away.