The image represents how I want to live my life each day. Image is stylized tomb stone with "Lived Happy" as the epitaph
There is grass and flowers at the base of the stone

As not much sand is left in my hourglass, my primary objective is happily living every day on my dance card. Once I thought I couldn’t be happy until I had checked off the goals on my life list. Now it looks like I had better dump them and just go for feeling happy.

Rule 1

Stop trying to fix people (and animals). Person A rejects my good advice about changing her eating habits (give it up). Person B is mishandling “a situation” and continues to behave in unproductive behavior (give it up). That darn cat turns his nose up at high-quality expensive food and continues to gobble horrible dry food (give it up).  Neither the people nor the cat are going to change, regardless of how unhappy I make myself over it.

Rule 2

Stop falling into a tailspin when life gets snarly and uncooperative. Create some space. Walk away and allow the answers to come.

Rule 3

 Four hours is the maximum time to spend with anger, resentment, and disappointment. That triumvirate of emotion wastes time and energy.  

Rule 4

Remember the future.[1]

[1] Reference Neville Goddard