Yesterday, my milometer ticked over another 1000 miles. I am still in the 70,000 mile range, but the wheels are turning faster. Not long now before I break into the next decade.. When I blew out the latest wet birthday candles I told myself “got to move faster so I can pass the checkered flag flying with a flourish.

Another Thousand Miles on the Treads

I am still up for learning new things, acquiring new skills and finding new ways of looking at life. Thinking back. . .Just now, I stopped myself. I won’t write anything referencing the “the me that was and “the me” that wasn’t”.

Look Ahead When Driving

How much time must be lost before it’s impossible to make up for lost time? Perhaps,the answer is “never.” Possibly one can build a new time, and live that instead. I painted the back window of my car with black reflective paint so I cannot see the road behind. After all what is the point? I cannot fix the potholes, cracks and ruts of the road I already drove. . Now when I look in the rear view mirror, it reflects the road ahead; now I always see where I am going.

The Last Lap

“The game is afoot” as Holmes said. How fast can I drive? How far can I drive? How much fun can I have along the way? Once I finally run out of gas with no hope of refilling the tank. I want to feel satisfied with the way I drove the last lap.