New Millennium: Second Decade: Day Two

It’s 2020 and Good Mornings Still Start this Way

Heading into 2020

There is something I love about seeing “2020” and writing “2020.” My feelings about this year are: optimistic, enthusiastic, eager and excited. I look forward to living imaginatively and creatively.

The gap between my last post (way back in November) was filled by NaNoWrIMo which is the National Novel Writing Month. It was my third go-around with this venture. Third time is the charm: I succeeded in producing 50,000 words of a novel. I am pleased with myself and potentially pleased with the novel in spite of it requiring another 50,000 words to finish, massive revising and massive editing. In its current incarnation, it must remain hidden from view to all except myself. I have become a Frankenstein: the body parts are on the table, but requiring stitching and animating.

But For Another Day . . .

I was about to chat briefly about my adventures with imagination but I am saving this for tomorrow’s post.

Promise Post-Scriptus

I am promising myself to “Kick My Days” for a minimum of five days a week and a minimum of two sentences.