Moving Forward on Mondays

Ha! Delusions

Still in bed (what else at 3:00 on a chilly morning with twenty pounds of cat pinning me down), I thought about Oprah Winfrey and Diana Gabaldon and their extraordinary success. Looking at their faces in my mind’s eye I realized an unpleasant truth about myself. My personal vibration throughout the years has been pretty low and dismal, all the time I was congratulating myself on what a wonderful little girl I was.

Gains of Recognition

My fairy godmother gave me some wonderful gifts: a sense of humor, a love of language and words, my ability to find great interest in damn near anything, and a basic good nature. I chose to underplay them in favor of an attitude painted more with more negative colors than positive. Nevertheless, I feel myself blessed because here I am at seventy-two feeling my exciting life is just beginning instead of coming to an end.