Kicking the Tires of Thursday, August 23

No angst, no internal conflict, and resistance level down 2.5 point. Here I am basking contentedly in self-satisfaction. What a heady feeling to see, hear, taste, smell and feel satisfaction, yet simultaneously desiring much, much more. Happy, yet filled with anticipation. I am validating for myself the words and wisdom of Abraham expressed through the medium of Esther Hicks. You know, I want for myself as deep a connection with Universal mind as she has.

Over and over, I prove to myself from experience that spending the first minutes of the day meditating, aligning with Universal Mind, and reaching for better feeling thoughts yields benefits about five-hundred-fold in terms of ease and fun and satisfaction and inspiration. Thought is a funny thing. It’s not a funny thing; it’s a double-edged sword. When thinking lightly there is ease, while heavy though snarls the world around me. Abraham is right; its not a matter of thinking, it’s a matter of feeling your way through the world.