Why this Urge to Blog

photograph of Blogger

What is it about this urge to blog?

What is it about this urge to blog.  Certainly, I have been erratic. I started four blogs with the best of intentions, then abandoned them by the side of the road. Well not really by the side of the road; they are in a blog orphanage where I can visit from time to time.

A Need for Expression

Once again “that urge” drives me to the keyboard to say something and pitch it into cyberspace. Here’s what I think today. I am on board with the view that “we all” have a need to express ourselves. Perhaps it is better said that we all have a need to be seen and heard.  For some of us the need is fleeting, for others the need is as strong as the need for water in the desert.

Just More Noise

While I am writing this, my head is simultaneously asking: “does the world really need more noise?”  After all, pushing the publish button will contribute nothing more than adding another teaspoon to the din and clamor in cyberspace.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun-Even When Grey

On the other hand, I am old “. . . I wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled…do I dare to eat a peach?” (Ah, T.S. Eliot).  It’s vastly unfair that it took some grey hairs and a wrinkle or two to wake me up to the possibilities in life opened to me through the communications magic blossoming overnight.  How fun is it to write something and make it available to thousands and thousand even if it is never read? Lots and lots and LOTS of fun.

There you have it, rather there I have it! My urge to blog is an urge to have fun with all the wonderful tools for communicating.

P. S.  I am of the opinion that damn tree does make a sound when it falls: it doesn’t need anyone to hear it.  Just like I write and don’t need anyone to read it.