Experiment in Building the Habit of Writing

Changing Habits

Today, I finished “reading” a recording of Joseph Murphy’s book The Power of Your Unconscious Mind.  This book has been around at least fifty years, so it was a free listen; easily available to me during the wee small hours.

In a nutshell, the book is about habits. Its about the ways habits run our life. Good habits work for our benefit; bad habits work for our detriment.  Our job is to build habits that work for us, and replace habits that don’t work for us.  The “how” of doing that is simple but not easy because the habits of years have worn an automatic groove in our nervous system, to which we return when under stress.

Three basic elements are required for habit building.

  1. Identification of the trigger points that fire a habit
  2. Determination of habit to build, or a habit to replace.
  3. Establishment of a link between our consciousness mind and our unconsciousness mind.

According to Joseph Murphy’s book, the successful application of those three elements rests entirely upon the most important choice. Choosing to believe in “something greater than the individual self.”

For decades, a habit of procrastination prevents me from accomplishing my oft stated desire to write.  I don’t want to produce the great American novel.  In fact, I don’t want to write a novel at all.  If a label is required, perhaps the best choice for now is essayist.  Deep down, I would enjoy being a humorous essayist.  Although I find humor everywhere around me, I haven’t been able to write about it in a humorous way.

So I want to build a new habit. Procrastination is the current habit.  The habit I desire to build is that of writing every day. This blog will be the tool that I use.

Lets’ see what happens.