Feels better thinking about something else

Magic of Stopping Thought

Stay in bed till you feel better

T’is a sort of magic. Woke up this morning with thoughts vacillating about what I should do this Sunday. This was accompanied by a very stiff neck and a headache. Feeling wise, the vibes were dismal. So, I decided that I was not going to get out of bed and move around in that state. I stayed in bed and stopped thought by listening to soothing music long for my spirits to bob up to a point that I was enthusiastic about coffee.


With my thermos of coffee, plunked down on the couch and meditated. My mind quieted and the more quiet it became, the happier I became. The vacillation stopped, my headache stopped and much of the neck pain dissipated. I started to get happy, and the road to a satisfying day opened in front of my mind’s eye.

At Peace with Today’s Financial Status

The best outcome of the day so far, is that I am at peace with today’s (or this hour’s financial situation). I feel at ease and relaxed with this hour’s financial situation. My desire is for a different situation, because it feels like more fun, but for the first time since I was fourteen I am experiencing ease and confidence in myself.


Continuous Imagination Sufficient for All Things

Turning Thoughts to Things

Funny thing, I started this blog because of a quote that I found on a mug several years ago. What started as an idle has slowly gather momentum to the point that I find references to the power of imagination in every nook and cranny.

Neville Goddard Quote

Experience has convinced me than an assumption, though false, if persisted in will harden into fact, that continuous imagination is sufficient for all things and all my reasonable plans and actions will never make up for my lack of continuous imagination.

Awakened Imagination by Neville Goddard

Kicking the Tires of April 16

Satisfying Rich and Deep Sleep

What a wonderful sleep I had last night; I wore my sleep mask, and had earplugs in my ears. That was secondary to my decision to set aside my Ipad and my Iphone. I didn’t read, I didn’t watch movies. My sleep was richly satisfying, and free from cares.

Monitoring Thoughts and Feelings

Nevertheless, I quickly drifted into thoughts that were creating an unpleasant mood mixed with anger, criticism and self-righteousness. It shocks me to grasp that I thought that was a normal and acceptable way of living my life.

I am giving myself kudos for catching that feeling and retreating from it to look at photos and read a few pages of an absolutely aweful book. The book at least distracted me enough from the momentum of the earlier mood in a way that alllowed my “cork to float.” Right now I am feeling pretty happy.

Can I believe that I allowed myself to project feelings, and say things that were not only lacking harmony, but would diminish somebody’s happiness in having a dog.

What do I Want?

Generally speaking, I want harmony in every hour of my days. Specifically I want happy experiences with little dog Bailey, in a way that enhances my day in many ways without interfering with my time, and my focus, and my projects.

Happiness is a little dog


After Twenty Minutes of Worry, Think About  Something Else

Feels better thinking about something else

This morning I realized that I am wasting energy AND distracting myself by mulling an issue over and over and going nowhere. This has been going round and round for twenty minutes, and I am feeling worse and worse without any result.

At issue is the thought “too much of my time is absorbed by another’s perceived need.” In short, I have a beef Genny’s demands on my time. This feels lousy, and I want to feel better. One thing I feel sure: broaching the subject to Genny, and “laying down the law” about the amount of my time she can have in a day will not produce an outcome that I want.

What do I want? I want to dedicate more time to my income generating projects while at the same time, I want Genny to continue visiting her “ladies” in safety and comfort. I want what I want, and I want Genny to have what she wants. Experience tells me that both of us can have what we want, if I don’t get my knickers in a twist.

I believe (and I experience has provided validation) there is a solution in the vortex. My poor brain is not capable on its own, so I am dumping this issue in the  “the manager’s lap” lock, stock and barrel.

Today, I am not allowing one more thought about this to last as much as 17 seconds. Today, I make the best of whatever comes along: furthermore, I am going to milk as much fun as possible out of this day.