graphic is a black and white photo of two Canadian women wearing nurses uniforms from World War I
Subjects of my NaNoWriMo Novel

Resisting Writing

All I want to do right now is curl up and sleep for another hour, or two, or three. However, if a fairy godmother offered me the choice between napping and novel writing I would choose novel writing.

Although I don’t feel it right now, I know that I truly desire to finish the novel and be a NaNoWriMo winner. That desire is being held for me in storage, waiting for pick-up. On one level it is already completed; it was instantly finished when I decided to participate.

Shifting Thoughts

My job is to line up my thoughts and feelings. I need to dump old thoughts and beliefs filled with doubts and acquire new ones that support me as a writer.

After all, I am writing a 50,000-word novel that is free from any requirements at all in terms of being a good novel, or an interesting novel. The syntax requirement is basic; and the spelling and grammar requirements are minimal: they simply have to approximate English, as that is the language in which I write.

Furthermore, I am enjoying my characters, and I am interested in how the action will move them out of a luxurious life in Hartford ( why did I choose Hartford instead of New York?) to the mud and blood of World War I battlefields. Side Note: The fact that American Red Cross nurses were also in Russia and China is intriguing but needs to be set aside for now.



graphic: photo of landscape
Landscape in Napa County

Building on Yesterday’s Success

This morning, I woke up with genuine excitement about my life washing over me. Yesterday was such a success as a result of maintaining the day’s intention for the day: operate in a zone of quiet satisfaction.

Quiet satisfaction about small tasks, quiet satisfaction from engaging in mundane daily tasks. Focusing on the thought that satisfaction in daily tasks creates satisfaction in all things.

I really love the morning meditations, and the morning immersion in the humorous wisdom of Abraham. My life feels filled with richness as if it were wrapped in velvet, and cashmere, and damask silks.

I know absolutely that my life forward will be filled with wondrous things, because I find that it is already filled with wondrous things. It is filled with wondrous things because I am creating them as being wondrous things. I am using the power of NOW to choose the better feeling thought, and to choose the point of view that wondrous things surround me.


Graphic of white roses on gradiated background
A rose is a rose and all that jazz

Creating illustrations

I feel so happy when I create something with Illustrator and Photoshop-all of the Adobe products in fact. I simply love learning, then creating with that software. One of the ways that I align with happiness, and satisfaction and feeling abundant and clear and confident is creating an illustration and a picture. Just like my morning drink of lemon juice, I drink my morning happiness of creating something wonderful.

Finding Solutions

Happily, I realized that I am on my way to solutions for the contrast that send me to bed last night: creating the logo of two tires without that white background. After this mornings exercise with selecting the white roses, then placing them on the background, my skill increased twofold with handling that type of illustrating requirement. There is no difference between finding solutions for small things than big things except the way you think and feel about them.

Its All in the Feeling

This morning’s session with Abraham was one that really hit home for me: feeling, feeling, feeling the abundance. In turn, I feel the mastery in the daily routines that I select for myself and that enhances my mastery with building my business, building a blog with a huge following. So much fun now and so much to look forward to moving into existence today and tomorrow. Feeling mastery with the small and boring creates feeling mastery in the “important” things.



I am very happy with myself for staying up last night to finish the Sway production of my photos from Readers Leap. It gives me feelings of satisfaction and completion; my life is plagued with my incompletion. The dream I had this morning was a very clear message that my desire is to clean up the disorganization and incompletion of projectS in my life.

Steps to Completing Projects

It’s totally clear that my next step is to clean up my Vibrational Shift Point in two ways. First, I need to think and focus more on completion in a way that opens the door to my manager accomplishing more fore me. Second, I need to focus more on completion. What I want do along those lines is establish the daily habit of meditation, and release the resistant thoughts that built a false idea that I “life chores” obstruct me from completing the projects that provide a path to abundance and satisfaction.