Kicking the Tires of Monday, April 8 2019

“The Shoulds” Make Me Tired

Given that I am devoting the final third of my life to pure happiness, I am pretty sure that my thoughts need adjustment or the lens of my attention needs more focus on thoughts that feel good.

This morning, I am feeling about a mile away from happy; instead I am feeling dutiful and responsible. Already I feel tired and I just got out of bed after a good night’s sleep.

Just Toss It and Start Afresh

The current personality is beyond fixing. I am just plain tired of me and my dreary self. Why bother gluing the cracks and chips. Just toss it away, I am only holding on to it for sentimental reasons, and what’s the point of holding on to drab sentiments. I am going to throw “the shoulds and the responsibilities” over my shoulder and listent to them crash and shatter.

I am going to start fresh and spend my time with new thoughts that have that I haven’t thought before. Saturday, I had a wonderful time thinking about opals and finding images of expensive opal jewelry. I also enjoyed myself listening to way that writer Charles Stross handled the language of the second person singular in his book “Holding Sta

All I Want for My Birthday

Birthday Wish Gift

Post Script

I am holding on to one “should.” I really want the trash to go out on Mondays, or there will be no room for me in the house within thirty days.