Creating Belief

Practicing Belief in the Power of Imagination

First I gave lip service to the power of imagination it because I liked the idea.  I did some imagination exercises. Nothing happened, nothing changed-so it seemed.  I left everything on a shelf to gather dust. Lackadaisically, I picked up the idea again, played around a little, and dropped it again. So on, and so forth.

On some level, something stuck because my theme “power of the imagination” gains a more of a hold every day.  I find myself on the threshold of believing.  I believe that belief is an objective in and of itself. I believe I can practice the deliberate application of belief.  Imagination is both the miner’s lamp and pickax that I will use to explore this cave of the mind.

What is this belief?

What is this belief I am espousing? Certainly nothing new. It is the same old thing sketched through centuries by those preaching and teaching the power of mind. Personally,  that means the possibility of living from the reverse side of the coin. Instead of people, places, things, events impinging themselves upon me, I flip the coin around and impinge myself outward to people, places, things and events.  I metamorphose into a creator of my experience.  J. K Rowling put it succinctly when she said

“We do not need magic to change the world, we carry all the power we need inside of ourselves, already: we have the power to imagine better.”

There is more to say about this, but it has taken an hour to squash that which lies outside of words into the shape of sentences, and there are I must do before end of day.