Smoke of Indecision

To day’s post is inspired by another person’s blog. Adding a comment, I said many of my days had gone up the chimney in the smoke of indecision.

I am five days into decade seven and I can’t waste time and energy on worry about making the right decision. I encountered an “Abraham”  quote that said ” make a decision, then make it the right decision.” As a corollary, it was also said, make more decisions.

An eye opener!  I’ve found its not the decision but the focus, the attention, and the energy directed to the decision that gives it life.  I have noticed myself drifting in indecision with small things like should I brush my teeth now or after breakfast. Should I have eggs for breakfast. 

While I am making eggs for breakfast, part of my mind is still thinking about pancakes. Can you believe it? I have a mental foot in two doors. No wonder I get tired.

Now I keep a quarter in my pocket. Head i do it; tails I don’t. If I cringe at the outcome, then I do the opposite.

Now here’s a trait that really sets my teeth on edge these days. People who question decisions that have nothing to do with them. I am beginning to think that for some its just a game to see if I can be unhinged.  Grrrh!