The Panda Planner and I

Closed Panda Planner

Panda Planner

My new planner, the “Panda Planner” arrived from Amazon yesterday. For six years, I have been sans planner.  Before retirement (B.R.), I my annual ritual was purchasing a massive year planner from “that store” specializing in planners and planner accessories.  After handing over a hefty chunk of change, I left the store with a substantial plastic bag and renewed determination to organize my life once and for all.

New Year’s Day found me and the planner plotting out the upcoming year.  The goal sheets were filled out, the task plans were completed. By mid-February, my planner was gathering dust; my paper life shredded.  Guilt over those unused pages forced me to start again every quarter, but within a week, the planner was abandoned yet again

After retirement, planning and planning paraphernalia disappeared from my world. Since I’ve been working on establishing new habits, it seemed like a good idea to keep a running log of my progress.  Serendipity happened when I was browsing Amazon.

The Panda product video started playing; all by itself, my finger pushed the BUY button. Voila! I am back into the planning game.  But I play it now with a difference.  This planner is not a “To-Do” list. It is a journey map that created fresh every morning. I focus on a single step: that of building my habit of writing 600 words a day.  In preparation , I spend a moment finding three things to appreciate about my life.  Then I write three or four focus words to establish a hub about which my day will revolve.

At the end of the day, I spend a few minutes reviewing. I make a few notes about my progress.  If my journey fell short, I jot a few words about what may tweaking. And that’s it for the planning.

Let’s see what happens!

P. S.  That phrase “let’s see what happens” is attributed to fictional character of Emperor Gregor Vorborra from the Vorkosigan series written by Lois McMaster Bujold.


Video of Panda Planner story