Patterns-I Forgot Why

I discovered a saved draft sans content but titled “Patterns.”  If that was a nascent idea brewing, it vanished. Might be fun to pick up this thread and see where it leads now.  What comes to mind is argyle socks, followed by paisley shawls, striped shirts, and chequered anything (sorry I like the British spelling.)

One Out of Many

My very close friend, who lives far down the road, makes dolls out of scraps of cloth. She is so adept at blending materials with varied prints and  patterns into harmonious creations. To whit, the Halloween witch of Argyle and polka dots.

Using pattern varities

The Dreaded Homily

Good grief! there is a part of me that sooo dislikes turning little observations into homilies and life lessons.  I hate it! I hate it! I am doing it anyway!  So much of my time has been spent agonizing over choosing between, over making THE right choice.  Looking at that doll I am thinking maybe I didn’t have to choose between.  Maybe there wasn’t “a right choice.” Maybe I could have made multiple choices and used all of them to build my life: a theme composed of many elements.

Doesn’t that seem like the obvious thing to do?  Doesn’t that seem like such an elegant answer? How did I manage to be so stupid? It’s a wonderment. Since my candle is burning down faster that it once did, I am not wasting time and mental energy looking for that answer. If I had an answer, what would I do with it anyway?

Once upon a time I thought that when I reached this point in my life that my questions would be answered. I expected to be resting on my laurels. I thought I would be feeling satisfaction and contentment. Instead there are more questions, a desire for more experience in my life, and this goal build a habit of writing.

The new goal post in my habit building is 500 words a day.  Fortunately they don’t all have to be in a post.  I have some letters to write to relatives who prefer the world of pen and  paper when it comes to communications.,