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Bricks of Imagination

Yesterday, I knew what I was going to write; today, I am not so sure.  I’d boarded a train of thought that promised an interesting journey. Overnight doubt and uncertainty arrived to cast shadows of “maybe I shouldn’t,” and “maybe I am wrong.” BUT here’s a chance to practice belief. Better said, it’s a chance … Continue reading Bricks of Imagination


Writer Returning from NaNoWriMo

Successful Failure at NaNoWriMo Did I actually submit a 50,000 word novel on November 30, 2016? Nope! Nevertheless, I feel successful.  Without a plot, without a winkle of an idea, I waded in and typed, typed, typed. A plot emerged, albeit a bad one. Characters emerged, albeit cardboard. Once finished, this novel will be dreadful. … Continue reading Writer Returning from NaNoWriMo