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Bricks of Imagination

Yesterday, I knew what I was going to write; today, I am not so sure.  I’d boarded a train of thought that promised an interesting journey. Overnight doubt and uncertainty arrived to cast shadows of “maybe I shouldn’t,” and “maybe I am wrong.” Continue reading “Bricks of Imagination”


Recouping from Failure of Imagination with a Nod to J. K. Rowling

Using the Power of Imagination

Imagination: my Personal Theme for 2017

I bounded into the New Year filled with enthusiasm for my personal theme for 2017: using the Power of Imagination. Before the turn into 2017, I’d been reading a lot of Joseph Murphy, Florence Scoville Shinn, Napoleon Hill, as well as Maxwell Maltz, whose book Psycho-Cybernetics  spearheaded the self-help movement of the ‘70’s.’ I even went so far as to create a coffee mug design for New Year’s (See previous post).

Failure to Exercise Imagination

Today, I admit to absolute and abject failure (as well as an addiction to alliteration).  This is a failure of allowing a good idea to lie fallow. It is not a failure of abandonment.

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