Kicking the Tires of 2021 0101

We act not from will, but from imagination

The year 2021 starts with the quotation “we act not from will, but from imagination.” The thought charms me. For three years, I diddled with that idea sporadically, yet gave it no credence.  After all, my parents told me, my teachers told me, and public voices (AKA “they) told me that life requires willpower. Imagination is for feckless dreamers and fools, not a life tool for adults.

Courtesy of Covid-19, I’ve had the time for a grazing through lots and lots of books. One afternoon I drifted upon a book of Nevil Goddard lectures. Because I inherited an interest in metaphysics from my father, I read more and more of his works. I have become so intrigued that I am committing myself to daily practice of his principles throughout 2021. This blog is a personal journal written for myself and to myself as an informal documentation of this experiment. I’ve released myself from any obligation to explain or clarify anything that I publish. I feel free to write as I choose, disregarding any rules I would ordinarily follow were I writing for others.


Star Moments of Today

What are the star moments for today? Discovering Neville Goddard recordings on You Tube: listening to him confirmed that ‘Imagination’ is truly a vehicle to living a happy and satisfying life.  His words support everything that Abraham is saying by way of Esther Hicks.

Apricots again after three years

Last, but not least: the happy discovery of the apricot tree filled with fruit, many of which are ripe enough for picking.