Turning Thoughts to Things

Insight about Abundance

During the morning session with Abraham’s “Financial Abundance” meditation, I received an amazing insight. As if it were a gimble, it flipped my understanding of money upside-down on its head.

What I understand now, that I didn’t understand for most of my life, is that I don’t have to wait around for “enough money” to complete my desire. (In this instance, the term “complete” equates to “manifest.)

I don’t have struggle to acquire enough money to purchase my desire: the money in and of itself is incidental. Don’t misunderstand me. Money is a  huge convenience; furthermore, it is a convenience that I certainly plan to use. However, it is not what I once thought it was.

It’s From Within

My mindset (vibrational set point) about money had the cart before the horse. I thought that I would have esteem and power and safety and security when I had money.

Instead I must know from withing my worth, my personal power, my safety and security before money shows up in my bank account. No wonder I’ve struggled money! I was carrying around a mindset (vibrational set point) that I didn’t have worth, or personal power, or safety and security within myself. I thought that my safety and security came from my parents, my job, and from making the “right decisions to do the right thing.”

It’s not about accumulating money, it’s about focusing without resistance. What it is about is pure and positive focus. It’s about feeling happy and fulfilled with a light and easy focus. It’s about having wonderful time with my desires filled with fun and goodwill.

Turning Thoughts to Things

This is a pivotal post because it is the one that bridges the previous posts into the subject of this blog: turning thoughts to things.


Kicking the Tires of Friday, September 28

First Align, First Align

Well, old buddy, I’ve learned again that nothing is more important than taking the time, first thing in the morning, to align my energy and my focus with the universal mind, or inner being before taking on anything in the day apart from making my bed and fixing my lemon-coconut oil drink. Yesterday, while driving, I deliberately shifted my energy and focused on having a smooth and safe drive to Novato. It certainly worked; I was able to smoothly negotiate traffic.

Fun Things to Do as a Multimillionaire

Now, I am talking about all the truly fun things that I desire to do as a multimillionaire. First, I will purchase this mobile unit from Genny, then gift it back to her, or simply establish a legal contract that she has full right and access during her lifetime. Or, here’s another thought: as much as I love this unit, it needs a lot of work to remodel and restore. Maybe I will buy a new unit of the same size to replace this one. That’s an option, but we will follow the path of least resistance. In any case, can you think of anything that would be more fun than that? Naturally, I would hire a moving company to pack and unpack all the contents. Oh, and game day! Think of this: hosting Game Day in a suite at the Ritz-Carleton in the city and have a limousine driver pick everyone up to drive them into the city.

Kicking the Tires of Sunday January 7

Inspired Writing

Yesterday, I wrote, then posted the following:

This week two strangers received joyous news.  A match was found for a new kidney. Their struggle to live under the shadow of renal failure is over.  The donor was my cousin Penny, who passed from this life January 4th when her life support was disconnected.  One door closing opened two others. Life passes to life. Like water, life takes many forms and shapes that are beyond our ability to see. Penny lives in our memory, and in the lives of others as well.

I didn’t have the slightest emotional tie to my cousin, who I only saw when she was three years old, yet I cried when I wrote it because it was inspired by Source.


As part of my new daily routine, I spent some time aligning myself with well-being.  From that I was inspired to that tribute to my cousin.  What was important was the insight that I gained.  Life passes to life.  It takes myriads of shapes and forms but life is eternal, and there need be no sorrow, nor sense of loss.  When I read or write something that comes out of source, I cry. Abraham says that crying is an indication of residual resistance. So I accept it simply as a signal.

Feeling Good about Socks

Writing about alignment, remembering moments of alignment, remembering feelings of alignment all assist me with realigning with the vortex.  Do you know what I feel really good about?  Do you know what really makes me happy are my new socks.  When I read about them, I felt that they would be good socks, and my instinct was right.  They are perfect socks; the right thickness, the right height, the right coziness, the right colors.  Life is good because I own perfect socks and was able to throw away the abominable socks. Nuclear war threatens, but I am happy because I own perfect socks