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Thoughtful Mood

Mostly in a fog, I simply drifted on eddies and tides until I bumped up against the 65 mile marker.  As I move closer to the midnight hour on my clock, I want to live the late night hours with more purpose, with more direction, and more fun

Should anyone wonder about the title and logo of this blog, it reflects my plan for driving my life with more purpose. But, I don’t just want to drive, I want to kick the tires on the way.

My sins have been the sins of omission.  The better choice would have been sins of commission. The good news is I am still free to choose, so it’s not too late to change my modus operandi.  The catalyst for this sea change was a chance encounter with Joseph Murphy’s book “Power of the Subconscious Mind.” Link to the book on Amazon. 

This books was about the habits with which we run our lives. Almost every action we take is a result of habit.  We choose to build habits that are detriments to our life, or we choose to build habits that support the life we want.

It is clear to me that I’ve thoughtlessly accumulated habits that are more detrimental than supportive .  Regret will waste the tread remaining on my tires. Looks like I should keep driving forward, changing to better habits along the way.


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