This morning I was kicking real tires by lifting the hood of my car, filled with trepidation. Such a relief to find last week’s problem with the overheating engine was non-existent coolant in the radiator. Such carelessness appalls me. Fifty-five years ago, Daddy would have applied a the sharp edge of his tongue to me for such carelessness. Proper care of my aging car is a prime directive.

Onward to today’s reflection. I ran into a quotation by Florence Scoville Shinn. “Never do today what intuition tells you to put off until tomorrow.” This is an interesting answer to the domestic dilemma I created for myself. The Christmas decorations still sit in the sunporch awaiting packing and storage. It drives me crazy every morning. Yet, things always come up that keeps me from that task. Consequently, my thoughts and feelings have been cranky and filled with criticism.

Last night, I just dumped it. Nothing was getting done: anger and upset were motivating me to get job done. In an “Ah-Ha” moment, I realized that feeling happy was a choice. I could be happy as a lark whether or not I ever completed that damned decoration job.

So, I said the old lady’s version of “F— It.” Next, I made a cup of coffee and spend the rest of the evening playing Mexican Train Dominoes with friends. The decorations and boxes are still on the sun porch and I feel carefree-almost. Worries haunt me. If I am not unhappy about the unfinished task cluttering the porch, will it ever get done. If I am not unhappy about what the neighbors will think when they visit, will it ever get done? If it never gets done what will that say about me? If I am not keeping myself in line being unhappy, will my little world go to hell?