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Imagining Dinner Parties

I resurrected a favorite pastime of my childhood: hosting tea parties for my dolls and stuffed animals. Those parties were half-real because I had a real tea set in which I served real milk, real graham crackers, and real raisins. As for conversation, I chatted congenially, not minding that the guests did not respond.

My updated version of the tea party has elevated to a dinner party, seating eight guests at a time. Imaginary guest lists have no limitations. They may be characters from favorite books. They may be guests who no longer “walk in physical shoes.” They may be guests who are alive and well but living far my box. Better yet, I can mix the living with the fictional, and with the dead in any wat that suits my fancy.

Furthermore, I can server anything that I want to server, without the expense, without preparation, and without clean-up. What could be more entertaining than that??

Who would you invite to your dinner party?