Spider from the cellar

My Portrait in the Closet

My temper crawled out and spent the entire day with me. It’s a mean one, wearing a sheepskin of civility. The entire day spent with silent carping criticism, resentments, “if-only-that-person-were-better.” It has to stop for purely practical purposes.

  • it shrinks my peripheral vision
  • it raises my blood pressure
  • it ruins my digestion
  • it destroys my perception
  • it limits my ability to see solution
  • it puts me miles away from happiness.

Those virulent flare ups that cast havoc around me are nothing more, and nothing less than habitual behavior learned from the behavior of the people around me, who sincerely believed that blame, criticism and bad temper where effective methods of controlling their life. It doesn’t work for me at this point in my life.