Since the last post, it’s wading waist deep in mud up to my hips. Slog, slog, slog, each day until arriving exhausted to sundown and early retirement to bed.

I’m a horse saddled with resentment, criticism, and smoldering anger (senior moment: it took me 30 seconds to remember that word ‘smoldering.’) From the time I was twelve, my personality has rested on a bed of banked embers, that flare at the slightest provocation. Today, I destroyed a snake plant that had the temerity to fall out of its pot.

My heart’s desire (for today at least) is living the rest of my days feeling happy and serene. I am one of the lucky ones who found it easy to stop smoking: I just stopped lighting up. Why not be one of the lucky ones who drop the habit of anger the same way: just don’t light up.

graphic of angry ghost
The anger phantom