No law that says you have to think about “problems”

Light bulb Moment AKA Aha

Halfway into my morning cup of coffee, I noticed that I was feeling glum because, because, because my mind was busily engaged with “figuring it out.” In a nutshell, I was resenting an item on my “To Do” list that I was doing for another person instead of myself.

Resenting the situation felt bad; thoughts ricocheting between the pros and cons of the matter was only adding more to the pile of bad feeling. Then I woke up to the fact that I didn’t have to think about “the problem” at all. I could simply start thinking about something else entirely. So I started thinking about my exciting project of replacing the crap carpet on the sun porch with Flor tiles: soft sage and grey that will go splendidly with curtains. Just thinking about placing the order has jazzed me.
Today is a very good day indeed and I am feeling fine.