Image is a teeter-totter with an elephant sitting on the ground end, with two rats on the opposite end. Metaphor of the weight of old habits of thought and attitude
The ground level of negative thinking

At a Loss for Words

What a fun metaphor – the above sketch. Could it be adapted into a coat of arms?? The elephant rampant on his ass, and the rats unable to budge their end of the teeter totter. This is a perfect metaphor of my exercise in changing my life through the deliberate practice of imagination. The elephant is decades of accumulated thoughts and feelings and habits. The rats are my focused attentions to thoughts, feelings and habits that feel good.

Looks Bad But Not Hopeless

Everybody know there is only one way to eat and elephant. One bite at a time. So there is hope. The elephant is a single mass, but if I keep adding rats daily, there will be enough rats to overwhelm the elephant.