Kicking the Tires of May 6 2019

Window Musings

Peace roses on the window sill; the window itself opens to a gloomy day-May haze. I like the windows without the curtains, but they can’t stay bare. After all, I need some privacy when I move about the space at night. And the room will need protection against the blazing glare of summer.

Confusion Generates Anger

I feel confused. The collisions of conflicting thoughts produce waves of angry feelings. I need some clarity now so that I don’t turn this day into a useless muddle. I am clear that I am writing a novel, and I will finish it. Writing a fifty thousand word novel is not such a big deal particularly if it is not an especially good novel. I am not confused now; it just a simple matter of remembering to choose clarity.

Question of the Day

How the hell did I develop the habit of putting off doing the things that I most want to do?