Kicking the Tires of April 25, 2019

statement of the equation for creativity
Metaphysical Equation for Creativity

Equation for Creation

For the third time in as many days, three different writers have expressed the exact same thought: one creates a desired life through the exercise of imagination combined with feelings. In a small way, I have corroborated this for myself through my own experience.

Several days ago, I became aware of all sorts of critical thoughts concerning the “right way” that a dog should act. My being was focused upon my ideas of improving a little dogs behavior. Happily, I realized that my focus upon being right was killing my friend’s joy in the dog. Of much greater importance, I was killing my own joy in the dog.

Pivoting immediately to my greater desire to feel better, and have better feeling thoughts, I did a rampage of appreciation for the little guy while imagining him as a happy and secure little dog free from anxieties and worries. The world transformed in terms of the dog. I am so happy now with Bailey, and I enjoy the little guy so thoroughly that I have a happy heart with him. Furthermore my housemate, who owns the dog. if freed from my criticisms and depressing thoughts about him.

The Equation for Creation: Imagining Plus Feelings

In the great scheme of things, it is a small thing but it is sufficient validation for me that imagining combined with strong positive creates a life of my desires.