Graphic of a rose embossed on textured background
Incremental Change

A Lesson about Incremental Changes

Between Monday morning and this morning, I created a learning experience for myself. It concerns the extraordinary value of repeatedly making tiny incremental changes as a method of shifting my vibrational set point. When I am working on a task, it is important to finish it while stopping critical thoughts and judgements. What happens next is my shift into a more receiving mode of mind. Suggestions for small improvements float to the surface, the creative project moves forward with greater ease and satisfaction.

Three days ago, I created an illustration of a rose as the graphic for the day’s post in my “Kicking the Tires.” Although it provided me with a nice practice piece to improve my skill with Illustrator, it was a boring graphic. Today, inspiration called, and I made a series of tiny tweaks to the original piece that resulted in a more interesting illustration.

Dumping Self-Criticism

It will very rewarding to use that same process for creating my desired life of accomplishment, creativity and satisfaction. I delayed so many life gratifications because I derailed myself with self-judgement and critical thinking. I was forever comparing myself to others, and my creative work to that of others-and coming up short. Many good ideas were dropped, and many projects abandoned because of the anger and depression generated by my self-criticism.

And the Good News Is. . .

The good news is I have found a more fun and a more effective way of proceeding on my creative journey; one that enhances my momentum.