graphic: photo of landscape
Landscape in Napa County

Building on Yesterday’s Success

This morning, I woke up with genuine excitement about my life washing over me. Yesterday was such a success as a result of maintaining the day’s intention for the day: operate in a zone of quiet satisfaction.

Quiet satisfaction about small tasks, quiet satisfaction from engaging in mundane daily tasks. Focusing on the thought that satisfaction in daily tasks creates satisfaction in all things.

I really love the morning meditations, and the morning immersion in the humorous wisdom of Abraham. My life feels filled with richness as if it were wrapped in velvet, and cashmere, and damask silks.

I know absolutely that my life forward will be filled with wondrous things, because I find that it is already filled with wondrous things. It is filled with wondrous things because I am creating them as being wondrous things. I am using the power of NOW to choose the better feeling thought, and to choose the point of view that wondrous things surround me.