Kicking the Tires of Thursday June 21

Quick Little Confidence Check

Pulling every trick I know to Shift this mood. Hurry, start playing an album by “The Piano Guys!”  Their music is an instant high, and so good for writing.

In the early hours, I woke feeling neck pain and immediately shifted to a better feeling place. My neck muscles relaxed, pain diminished and my mood lifted. It’s true! I am feeling satisfaction with the progress that I have made over the past three weeks. With confidence, I can say I am gaining momentum in the direction I want to travel.

It took a long time to establish the low vibrational set point that was once the canvas upon which I painted my days; but I created it unconsciously.

Deliberate and conscious focus is establishing a new set point in a matter of weeks. How can I look at the sunrise through the palm trees and not feel my heart bob up like a cork bobbing on the ocean?