Kicking the Tires of Friday, June 8

Graphic of Sailboat
Create new stories for tomorrow

Pre-Planning the Day

Yesterday worked smoothly as satin ribbon unwinding. Driving was easy, communication with a prickly relative were cordial. Happily, I sustained a light and easy connection for several hours before feeling weighed down with resistance.

I am demonstrating to myself that pre-paving the day works; so, won’t it be fun adding segment intending. Kicking the tires with imagination loosens and lightens my world; it opens my thinking to possibilities. I am sincerely of the opinion that my “third stage” life will be enhanced a hundred times over when I expand the boundaries of my mental box.

Imagine New Stories for Tomorrow

I’ve already verified for myself the benefits of dropping the stories of my past and create stories of my future that really float my boat!