Kicking the Tires of June 7

GraphicWake up Enthusiastic

It sparkles to wake up enthusiastic about being awake and having a new day in which to play. Looking around, I see a buffet of “to dos” with which I can play to create a day filled with fun and accomplishment. I’ll put one or two of them on my plate, and delegate all the rest to my personal manager to complete in ways that surprise and delight me.

Delegate to “the Manager”

Now that’s really a fun filled thought. It’s a thought that deserves the magical 68 seconds of attention. I am love thinking about a universal manager who supervises “fairies of the universe” devoted to surprising me and delighting me. I great the morning, and list all of my desires. I pick out the cherries, and assign the rest to the manager, resting secure in the knowledge they are in the best of possible hands.