Kicking the Tires of January 10

Two Lightbulbs

Listening to my morning Abraham fix, switched on to lightbulbs

First Lightbulb-Parents Aren’t my Source

First was the revelation that ran around with a vibrational mindset about not having enough money because my parents were experiencing vibrations of not enough money.  I was aligned so closely with my parents that I saw them as the source of my survival, and the source of what I wanted. An easy mistake.  I can move both my understanding of Source as well as my vibrational set point to something very different. Focus wheels are an ideal activity for shifting my set point.

Fun script

graphic of two coffee cups and saucers
Coffee Set photographed by Gabriela Talerico

However, I’m going to write a fun script that is easy to post.  I am sitting at my little desk, with the perfect cup of coffee, listening to music, and working on my podcast.  My desk is white but very high tech because I can easily raise it to standing height, or lower it to sitting.  Actually, I don’t drink coffee when I am working at the computer.  Off to the side, I have a loveseat, covered in pale yellow silk.  There is a white coffee table in front of it with a gorgeous coffee set in floral porcelain.  There is a thermal coffee pot with a built in warmer.  There are four matching coffee cups and saucers, a creamer sitting in a dish of ice and three small bowls with different sugars, and tiny porcelain shakers with ground chocolate, cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamom.  My assistant ushers in three people, with whom I am negotiating the purchase of fifty acres in Alberta.  I am planning to build a wonderful care home for the elderly disabled.

Second Lightbulb-Too Big to Control

My life is too big to control; the only thing I can do is guide my energy; guide my alignment to universal energy, guide my vibrational set point, and allow my universal manager to work it out for me.  I have always been lousy at control, so I might as well give up trying to control anything other than my vibrational set point.