Halloween Party

Time to buckle down to serious imagination exercising: scripting my life.

I am throwing a gala Halloween party in celebration of my birthday. The theme is the Wizard of Oz. Every guest comes as a character from the book: Dorothy, Toto, Tin Woodman, Scarecrow, Glenda the Good Witch, Wicked Witch of the East, Wizard, Munchkin, Guard from the Emerald City, or Flying Monkey.

Invitations were in the mail September 10th; the RSVP date was mandatory. Guests were required to RVSP no later than September 20. Those attending selected a choice of costume, size, and color. Because custom costumes were being provided.

A week before Halloween, orange and black dress boxes were hand delivered to each guest. On the night of the party, black stretch limousines, jack-o-lantern insignia emblazoned on the doors, pulled into guests’ driveways just as the sun was sliding past the horizon.

Filled with guests the limousines glided under the portico San Francisco’s Ritz Carlton. Tin woodmen, scarecrows, witches, and Dorothy Gale in all sizes and shapes spilled into the lobby. Doormen whisked them from the lobby into elevators that lifted them the second floor. The small ballroom had morphed into Emerald City, where the fountain flowed with champagne and small gold tables offered sandwiches, fresh fruits, and cakes.