Defining Imagination

Imagination is a common word. We hear it spoken, we read it in articles, we see it on billboards. It is a primary creative tool for artists and writers. But what is it?  I found a definition I can work with on a website called “Success Consciousness.” (see link below).

Imagination is the ability to form a mental image of something that is not perceived through the five senses. It is the ability of the mind to build mental scenes, objects or events that do not exist, are not present, or have happened in the past. ~ Ramiz Sasson

Success Conscioiusness

In and of itself, this post is too dull and commonplace to kindle interest. However! it is a real post. It is a post that I actually published;  in spite of the fact that I stared at a blank page this rainy morning with the usual self chatter telling me that I had nothing to write. Instead of escaping into social media, I spent a few minutes imaging myself writing a post. Then I wrote a post. Then I published the post. One thing accomplished without will power.